Coach’s Welcome Letter

Brooklyn Technical High School Football

On behalf of the football team, I’d like to welcome you to Brooklyn Tech HS. We are glad to welcome you to a great institution where you will learn many things, both inside and outside of the classroom, that will change your life. One of those life changing experiences is the Brooklyn Tech Football team. The football team has a long and storied history in the 100-year existence of Brooklyn Tech. From city championships to being nationally ranked, to having players who have become doctors, businessmen, CEO’s, and even NFL players, we have done it all. What we do best of all is allow our young players to grow and develop to their full potential on and off the field. Our graduates go on to great colleges/careers and many are offered athletic as well as academic scholarships.

To become part of this tradition you will need a few things. The first is to go on the site, and click on “Athletics“.  From there, you will find two links at the top left of the page listed “PSAL Medical” and “PSAL Parent Consent”.  I will make sure to add the direct links for each form below.  It is very important that when you print each document, you change your printer settings to “fit to page” so that none of the signature lines get cut off.  It is also very important that each form is brought with you on the first day of football (dates below), and that they are the originals with ink on paper!  We cannot accept emails or photocopies.  The parent consent form can be filled out by a parent/guardian and needs 13 initials (one for each statement) along with a printed name and signature at the bottom.  This form must be dated AFTER July 1st in order to be valid.  The medical form must be completed by your doctor, and will not be accepted unless it is signed, dated and stamped.  Once again, ink on paper is necessary, copies cannot be accepted.

Here are the links:

The next thing is to send me an email to stating your name, what experience you may or may not have with football, and if you have any questions about paperwork, etc.  Additionally, please list the name of a parent/guardian along with their email address so we can help them get involved with our Parents Club.  Please also CC,, and  We officially start full practice on August 21st at 8:30 am, at our field located at 452 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.  The first day will consist of collecting paperwork along with a Parent’s Club meeting, followed by our first practice. The last thing you will need is to bring your enthusiasm and energy with you to the field and get started on this great and rewarding experience.

Roll Tech!

Coach Pugh
BTHS Varsity Football Head Coach